The Powerful Effects of Dry Brushing.

If you’re new to dry brushing, expect a period of adjustment. Dry brushing may feel slightly painful at the beginning, simply because the sensation is new. Dry brushing actually rejuvenates the nervous system by stimulating nerve endings. Over time, the sensation will become a welcome one.

Use caution when dry brushing softer and more sensitive skin, like the skin around the chest and the breasts. Note to avoid brushing inflamed skin, sunburns, or skin cancer.

Activating the surface of the skin is especially powerful when you’re undergoing a cleanse or a detox, but incorporating dry brushing into your daily routine eliminates dead skin cells, supports digestion, warms your body up, and combats ingrown hairs.

Dry brushing is a daily ritual practice gaining popularity all around the world. Overall, dry brushing increases circulation, boots lymphatic drainage, and supports overall body detoxification efforts.

Dry Brushing Benefits

The benefits of a dry brushing ritual include…

  1. • Increased vascular blood circulation

  2. • Exfoliation of the skin

  3. • Minimized appearance of cellulite when done regularly

  4. • Simple convenience (Dry brushing takes less than five minutes!)

  5. • The breakdown of unwanted body toxins and the elimination of them

  6. • The shedding of dead skin cells

  7. • The enabling of skin cell regeneration

  8. • The promotion of smoother and brighter skin

  9. • The elimination of unwanted and pesky ingrown hairs

  10. • The clearing of clogged pores.






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