100% Pure Safflower Carrier Oil

Safflower Oil is known to have a light consistency and non-greasy texture that is ideal for hydrating dry or acne-prone skin while soothing irritation, rashes, and inflammation. 

It is known to facilitate the decongestion of pores while promoting cell regeneration to diminish the appearance of scars and signs of aging, such as wrinkles, for a smooth, youthful, and radiant appearance. 

With regular application, Safflower Oil is reputed to enhance skin’s texture, tone, overall appearance, and quality. 

By working to effectively eliminate whiteheads, blackheads, and ultimately acne, Safflower Oil reduces signs of blemishes while preventing future breakouts.

How to use ? 


For a facial oil that is ideal for acne-prone skin types, first, combine:

1 Tbsp. of Safflower Carrier Oil
2 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil.
2 drops Lavender Essential Oil
2 drops Lemon Essential Oil.

Next, wash the face with warm water before gently massaging the oil blend into the face in a circular motion, avoiding the sensitive eye area. 

Finally, using a damp face cloth wipe off all the oil. This regimen is reputed to cleanse the skin and regulate its oil production. 

Applied to areas of skin that are puffy or tender, Safflower Carrier Oil is known to decrease inflammation, distension, and soreness.


For a Safflower Oil hair treatment that can be applied as a mask, begin by combining: 

1 tsp. Safflower Carrier Oil, 
1 tsp. Coconut Carrier Oil, 
5 drops Rosemary Essential Oil, 
5 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil. 

Next, apply this oil to the roots and smooth it down over the entire length of the strands. 
This hair mask is believed to boost the growth of stronger, healthier strands while soothing and preventing the dryness and itchiness characteristic of dandruff.

Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil 100ml.






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