Coconut bowl Ideal for mixing your clay masks !

100% Natural-Plastic free & biodegradable.

Mineral clays have an electrical charge which is used to attract the toxins in your body. 
If you use a metal spoon, bowl or other mixing equipment to prepare your clay mask, you will eliminate the electrical charge and your healing clay will become much less effective. 

Coconut bowls are a gift from nature, handcrafted from real coconuts discarded as waste. 
This coconut bowl is sanded smooth inside and out for a more polished appearance which amazingly good for preparing your clay mask. 

Can be used with our healing rich mineral clays such as: - Rhassoul Clay - Bentonite Clay- French Green Clay- White Kaolin - French Yellow Clay- Red Clay- Pink Clay- or other homemade masks . 

Safety Information for coconut bowl:

Do not wash in dishwasher if any of the parts still have traces of clay. 
Clay can damage your dishwasher.

Bowl from Natural Coconut






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