Cuticles and Hand Moisturising Oil Serum

  • Made from 100% pure plant extracts, highest grade of essential oils, and cold-pressed botanical oils.


    A Healing and Rehydrating Cuticle & Hand Oil Serum is to heal and nourish dry cuticles and promote strong nail growth. This Serum provides a level of protection against cracked skin, split nails, and the inevitable wounds that occur to people who bite or pick at their nails, leading to unbearable pain at times.


    The astringent and vitamin-rich nature of lemon and geranium makes it ideal for healing cracked, cut or broken cuticles, as well as softening the nail. It speeds up healing and repair while preventing breakage of the nail.


    Use of cuticle oil boosts the health of the nails and cuticles and prevents breaking, bruising, and scrapes.