CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.

Known as the “Queen of Oils,” Rose is one of the most precious essential oils in the world. Rose petals produce a sweet floral aroma, renowned in the perfume and essential oil industries. Rose can be applied to pulse points for an uplifting aroma throughout the day. It can be used to balance moisture levels in the skin, reduce the appearance of skin imperfections, and promote a healthy and even skin tone. Rose can also be applied to the neck and wrists for a beautiful, romantic personal fragrance.

The scent you smell when breathing in the delicious aroma of a rose is the essence, or essential oil, of Rose. Some plants give off an aroma; others do not. The reason why only some plants have an essential oil remains one of Mother Nature’s mysteries.

Essential oils are highly aromatic substances found in specialized cells or glands of certain plants. Technically, when this substance is still in the plant, it is called an essence. These essential oils are used by the plant for protection from predators and to attract pollinators. After the distillation of a plant, the aromatic substance is referred to as an essential oil.

The essential oils in our bottles are substances that have been extracted from the plant. These oils are highly concentrated. It takes approximately 50 rose flowers to create just a single drop of Rose oil! Because they are so concentrated, essential oils are precious. Even used sparingly, they can offer immense therapeutic benefit.

dōTERRA 100% Pure Rose Essential Oil - 5ml.

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