100% Pure Olive Carrier Oil

Olive Oil can be applied directly to the skin or a few drops can be added to a moisturizer of personal preference to hydrate the skin and boost the effectiveness of the moisturizer. 

Skin that is dry, irritated, or inflamed will benefit from Olive Oil’s soothing properties. 

How to use ? 


TO EXFOLIATING - the skin with Olive Carrier Oil, it can be mixed with a small amount of natural sea salt and massaged into areas of skin that are dry and scaly to reveal a newer, younger complexion. 

For an alternative to brown sugar can be mixed with Olive Oil and rubbed into the skin. The sugar will remove dead skin cells while the oil will penetrate the skin to leave it looking polished and radiant.

FOR A DAY OR NIGHT SERUM- A small amount of Olive Carrier Oil applied to the face and neck makes an ideal bedtime serum. 

For a daytime serum, Olive Oil can be applied like a mask and left on the skin for 15 minutes before it is washed off. This moisturizer is also beneficial for use on skin that has been overexposed to the sun or even sunburned.


Olive Carrier Oil smooths frizz and split ends while reducing dandruff. 
For a hair treatment mask, Olive Oil can be mixed with an egg yolk and a small amount of lemon juice before being applied to the hair from root to tip. 

After leaving it on for 15 minutes and washing it out with shampoo and conditioner, hair will be soft, silky, and lustrous. 

Alternatively, the Olive Carrier Oil mask can be applied directly without the addition of an egg yolk and lemon juice by simply heating the oil and leaving it in the hair for an hour before shampooing and conditioning.

Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil 100ml.






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