100% Pure Sweet Almond Carrier Oil

Sweet Almond is an excellent emollient and is known for its ability to soften and re-condition the skin. 
It is rich in proteins and Vitamin D, and is considered extremely nourishing - particularly when used regularly. Contains Olein Glyceride Linoleic Acid. It can be expected to sooth dry skin and irritated areas. 

How to use ?


To nourish and cleanse skin, to maintain its suppleness, and to protect it against damage caused by UV radiation, blend:

5 drops of Sweet Almond Carrier Oil,
1 drop of Jojoba Carrier Oil,
2 drops of Honey, 

Then slowly massage it into skin in a slow, circular motion. 

Leave it on the skin for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with a mild natural skin cleanser. 

Applied to rashes and other skin ailments, this blend also cleanses and facilitates faster healing of chapped skin, acne breakouts, dirt and excess oil secretion on the skin, scars, and stretch marks.


To effectively lighten dark circles under the eyes, a few drops of warmed Almond Oil applied under the eyes will gradually brighten them while reducing puffiness. 

To reduce the appearance of an unwanted tan, a few drops of Almond Carrier Oil can be blended with a few drops of Lemon juice and 1 tsp. of Honey before being rubbed into the skin applying gentle pressure with the fingertips. 
After leaving it on the skin for 1 hour, it can be rinsed off with water. 

Applied all over the face, Almond Oil promotes the regeneration of new skin cells, thereby making skin appear to be rejuvenated and slowing the appearance of aging. 


To exfoliate rough skin, Sweet Almond Oil can be mixed with fine sugar to create a natural scrub that can be used on the face or the body to gently but deeply cleanse pores and prevent future acne breakouts. 

Simply mix the two ingredients together, apply it in a gentle, circular motion to the skin to remove dirt and dead skin cells, then rinse it off with water. 

This treatment can be applied every week to achieve skin that looks revitalized and radiant. 


To gently remove makeup, dip a cotton ball in Almond Carrier Oil and apply it all over the face, leaving it on for 2 minutes. 
Gently wipe it off with a fresh cotton ball.


Sweet Almond Carrier Oil boosts circulation, strengthens bones, and soothes aching muscles. 

Hypoallergenic and mild, it is safe to use on baby skin as well as other types of sensitive skin; however, applying it directly to the skin may lead to the oil leaving an unwanted residue, hence it is commonly diluted with natural creams, lotions, or other carrier oils. 

To enhance the body’s overall systems, a blend:

90 ml of Almond Oil,
5 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil,

And can be used in a massage twice a week. 


•Sweet Almond Carrier Oil is known to enhance cognitive functions and to improve memory. 
Adding :
2 drops of Almond Oil 
1drop of Rosemary Essential Oil 
to a natural shampoo can uplift the mood and naturally reduce hair loss by addressing scalp conditions that contribute to hair fall, such as dandruff. 

•To strengthen and repair damaged or brittle hair with the moisture and nutrients from Sweet Almond Carrier Oil, apply the oil to damp hair immediately after washing it with a mild natural shampoo and towel drying it. 

Rub the oil between the palms, then apply it to the scalp and hair, ensuring that each strand is evenly coated. 
Allow the hair to air dry, and the result will be manageable hair that retains shine and is free from knots. 

•To replenish moisture in dry hair and to promote hair growth, blend:

30 ml of Almond Carrier Oil,
2 drops of Castor Carrier Oil,
5 drops of Sandalwood Essential Oil. 

Massage this blend into hair half an hour before washing it out or leave it on as a deeply penetrating and conditioning hair mask treatment the night before hair is to be washed. 

This can be applied once a month to restore luster to hair and to maintain hair health.


To strengthen and thicken nails that are thin and brittle, warm a small amount of Sweet Almond Carrier Oil and apply 1 drop to the nail, massaging it into the cuticle. Repeating this vitamin-rich treatment weekly will result in clearer, smoother, healthier nails.

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond)Seed Oil 100ml.






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