100% Pure Castor Carrier Oil

Castor Oil can make an excellent ingredient in a moisturizer, as it reduces the appearance of the signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. 

How to use ?


It can be simply applied directly to the skin to relieve dryness, to stimulate the production of collagen, and to boost elasticity. 
For an economical bedtime serum, Castor Oil can be massaged into the face and left on overnight, then washed off in the morning. 

The appearance of blemishes will gradually diminish over time, as Castor Oil will promote the growth of more radiant skin over time. 
This simple, direct application to the skin works effectively for reducing the appearance of stretch marks as well.


Castor Oil acts as a conditioning agent that leaves hair hydrated, shiny, and free from the itchiness and bald patches associated with scalp infections and dryness. 
It can be applied either before or after shampooing to moisturize the hair and scalp or it can be used as an overnight hair treatment mask that can be washed off in the morning. 

Castor Oil strengthens hair to reduce the amount of breakage that occurs and repairs split ends while promoting and maintaining the growth of hair that appears to be healthier and smoother. 
It leaves hair looking thicker and richer in color by locking moisture in the hair strands.


Castor Oil promotes faster healing by penetrating deeply into skin tissue to boost circulation and eliminate bodily toxins. 

It can function as first aid for the treatment of sunburns, minor cuts, and scratches by simply dipping a cotton ball into the oil and applying it directly to the affected area. 

For smaller affected areas, a bandage can also be soaked in Castor Oil and applied to the affected spot for treatment.

Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil 100ml.






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