Coffee Rose Exfoliating /Massage soap Bar. 

This super hydrating and exfoliating Coffee Rose Soap Bar from Diazo Cosmetics are a real treat. 

The Coffee Rose Bar used  for body to leaving you with clean, smoother, healthy looking skin. The Rose Body Soap Bar combine coffee  to lift dead skin cells and dirt, gently exfoliating away the day, also are rich in antioxidants to nourish your skin, including caffeine which tightens as it smooths. Plus, the super-hydrating shea butter and sweet almond oil also intensively nourish skin with every use.

How to use?

This Exfoliating Coffee Rose Soap Bar are really easy to use. Simply apply to wet skin and rub in circular motions as you would any ordinary soap bar. You will feel the natural ingredients at work to buff and cleanse your skin. When you emerge from your shower, you'll feel refreshed, clean and naturally scented.

You can be confident that these exfoliating Coffee Rose are completely SLS and paraben free. They also don't use any palm oil and are completely vegan friendly.

Diazo Cosmetics want to make it really easy to find all natural products that really work. You'll find no synthetic ingredients in any of their products, just natural, organic goodness.

Coffee Rose - Exfoliating Soap Bar






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