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About Us

Unleashing Nature's Beauty

Diazo Cosmetics, where organic beauty meets divine living. We are an inspiring organic skincare brand that brings you a collection of premium face, body, hair, men's, and baby care products, meticulously crafted to nurture and enhance your natural beauty.


Our Story

Diazo Cosmetics was born out of the passion and vision of two extraordinary Lithuanian women, Diana and Zoja. With backgrounds in the beauty industry, Diana's expertise in makeup and Zoja's proficiency in beauty services, they had a shared commitment to helping people look and feel their best. Fate brought them together at a beauty salon, where they both worked, and their bond deepened as they discovered a shared love for organic and natural products.

In their personal lives, Diana and Zoja had embarked on a journey towards embracing a more organic lifestyle. However, they faced a common challenge - finding organic skincare products that truly delivered results and resonated with their values. This shared frustration fueled their determination to create a brand that would not only celebrate the beauty of nature but also empower individuals to live their best lives, just like the meanings behind their names.

Thus, Diazo was born - an amalgamation of Diana and Zoja. Diana, meaning divine, reflects the ethereal and otherworldly qualities of the brand, while Zoja, meaning life, epitomizes the life-giving and nurturing aspect of their products. At Diazo Skincare, we believe that true beauty comes from within and that nature provides us with all the ingredients we need to care for ourselves, naturally and sustainably.

Our commitment to the highest standards of organic skincare means that every product we create is thoughtfully formulated, using only the finest and most potent natural ingredients. From plant-based extracts to nourishing oils, each product is designed to enhance your beauty while embracing the harmony and balance of nature.

At Diazo Skincare, we envision a world where self-care is a celebration of nature, and every individual can embrace their divine essence. Our mission is to inspire you to cherish your body, mind, and spirit, and to provide you with the tools to nurture yourself holistically.

Join us on this transformative journey towards a more organic and fulfilling life. Together, we can discover the beauty of nature, awaken your inner radiance, and celebrate the joy of living the divine life. Welcome to Diazo Skincare - Your path to radiant and holistic beauty.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Zoja - Co-founder of Diazo Cosmetics



Diana - Co-founder of Diazo Cosmetics



Araujo Media


Graphic & Website Designer

Ricardas Photography


Brand Photographer


our values

Soil Association Organic
Organic Skincare Products by Diazo
Plant - Based Skincare Products by Diazo
100% Recycle Skincare by Diazo

Asta Bikute

I am using face creams, face washes, clay mask, and serums. They are so amazing and so useful for my skin. And I know that other product are brilliant too. I have a cream from oils for my baby's skin. It is so nice, very light, my baby's skin after is so soft... You are amazing girls!!! Can't wait some more products from you!

Gyte Gavenaite

The skincare and body products made by two wonderful ladies. Full of plant goodness, love and passion. No chemicals, natural and organic products. Literally - the power of nature in a pot. I am sure I will never go back buying any other skincare products. Tried three different face creams, anti-aging face serum, eye serum, body lotion, scrub, cellulite oil and many more! I am very passionate about my health and these products are a big part of that! Thank Diazo!

Raminta Preka

Very good natural cosmetic!! It was big help for my skin! I am using face cream, face mask and I can recommend for all of you!! It help me a lot and not just for face I use for my dry hands and it helps! I can't stop using after first try! 
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