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Why Aromatherapy Skincare is Good for You?

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

While aromatherapy has proven an effective method for influencing emotions throughout several centuries, the connection between the brain and aroma is more than an ancient practice. It can now be explained scientifically due to extensive research and discovery. The science behind aromatherapy skincare helps to explain how it is possible for different aromas to elicit certain feelings.

The way a plant survives is by carefully balancing all the minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that it contains. So when you use a plant in a natural skincare product, those ingredients stay balanced. Your own skin recognises this balance and will accept it much more readily than a synthetic version.

Active ingredients like Essential Oils are also so small in molecular size that they are easily absorbed in the skin and heal, soften and nourish without being stored in your fatty tissue or blood stream. They pass right on through after serving their purpose. There have also been many studies showing that essential oils are beneficial to mood and emotional health, brain performance, and overall wellness.

How does the brain process aromas?

Anytime we inhale a distinct aroma (including then Scent of an aromatherapy Skincare), that aroma will be processed through different parts of the brain in a special sequence. After inhaling an aroma, the scent will be processed in the brain's olfactory system, which is responsible for controlling our sense of smell. When an aroma is inhaled, it travels to the olfactory system by way of the olfactory nerve, so that it can be processed. The olfactory system is connected to the MBIC system, a part of the brain where our emotions nd memories are stored. This connection to the MBIC system causes a response to the aroma based in any memories that are associated with that smell. he response produced by the limbic system of the rain often causes an immediate rush of feelings- so known as an emotional response.

Looking after our skin by following an appropriate regular skin-care regime pays dividends beyond the cosmetic benefits this confers. By nurturing skin using natural products, we provide optimal support for it to perform its vital functions such as protection, sensory perception and thermoregulation, as well as improving its aesthetic qualities.

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