100% Pure Rose Hydrosol
Bulgarian Rose hydrosol has the most sublime of fragrances. Rose hydrosol is cooling and when used in facial care, is suitable for normal to dry, mature, or sensitive skin. It can be added to other beauty products to enhance the aroma and add benefit. These are all completely pure therapeutic quality hydrosols.

How to use Rose Hydrosol ?

• Facial cleanser - Moisten with a cotton pad and swipe across the skin of the face to cleanse.

• Toner - Close the eyes and spray on cleansed skin several times as a daily refresher. 

• Facial mask - Mix the hydrosol with white or green or any other clays and apply to cleansed skin. Rinse after 10 - 15 minutes. 
Apply a moisturiser or facial oil thereafter.

• Bath additive - Simply add to your bath water.

• Hair care - Spray the floral water onto cleansed hair and gently massage the hair and scalp. Do not rinse. 

• Deodorant & perfume - Spray as desired.

• Aroma massage - Use only pure carrier oils and spray the hydrosol on oily skin before starting the massage.

• Air & textile refresher - Simply spray in the air, bed sheets and pillows. Can also be used on laundry before ironing. 


100%Rosa Damascena, Rose Bulgarian Hydrosol/Flower water.  Hydrosol are 100% pure and free from preservatives, alcohol and emulsifiers.

Storage: Store all natural hydrosols in a dark place. It is recommended to use the hydrosols within 6 months after opening.

100% Pure Rose Hydrosol 100ml






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