Made from 100% pure plant extracts, highest grade of essential oils, and cold-pressed botanical oils.This cellulite oil highly effective, stimulating and circulatory enhancing ingredients to promote firmer looking skin and helping reduce cellulite. To help you fight back against orange-peel skin, we have brought together the most effective natural carrier and bio organic essential oils known for fighting cellulite and blended in one power-packed massage oil blend. Once the essentials oils are absorbed into your bloodstream, the powerful combination of lymphatic stimulants helps with the elimination of toxins by unblocking lymphatic congestion. How to use? Once per day brush your skin with dry brush before taking a hot shower, then massage this contouring oil blend into your problem areas with Diazo cellulite massager.Carefully mix the oil before applying.The topical application of Cellulite & Contouring Body Oils blend can provide a natural, alternative option to promote firmer-looking skin and improve skin elasticity.When you brush your skin, the bristles loosen up and remove the dead skin cells so it naturally exfoliates your whole body. Your skin will feel soft and silky to the touch and it allows your skin to breathe and absorb nutrients easier. This practice also helps to unclog and open up your pores so the toxins can escape through the skin naturally.Remember that the elimination of toxins is absolutely vital in the treatment of cellulite. So remember to drink plenty of water to help with this process.Ingredients:Prunus Dulcis(Sweet Almond)Oil, Prunus armeniaca (Apricot Kernel) Oil, Triticum Vulgare(Wheat Germ)Oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed)Oil, Glycerin, Citrus Paradisi(Grapefruit), Citrus Limon (Lemon), Citrus Sinensis( Wild Orange), Boswellia Carterii, Sacra, Papyrifera,Ferereana ( Frankincense), Eucalyptus Globulus ( Eucalyptus), Zingiber Officinale(Ginger),Helichrysum Italicum ( Helichrysum), Pipernigrum (Black Pepper),Juniperus Communis (Juniper berry).Here are some of the best oils that are proven to be beneficial for cellulite.Wheat Germ oil - Studies have shown that natural wheat germ oil significantly reduces stretch marks on the skin. It can also be used for an anti-cellulite massage. Using anti-cellulite contouring body oil which contains in the wheat germ oil which ensures hydration and intense action in the deepest layers of tissue.Almond oil - Rich in vitamin E, this oil penetrates deep into the skin moisturizing the dermal layers and offering antioxidant protection to the supporting structures.Jojoba oil - A crowd pleaser, this oil offers protection without leaving an oily trail in its wake. To add to this, its sebum-like chemical composition gives it deep reach into the dermal layers. So, it can deliver the active ingredients where they can make a difference.Juniper berry essential oil – the juniper berry oil has antibacterial properties, but it can also reduce water retention, and stimulate circulation.Black pepper essential oil – the black pepper oil is known for improving circulation. It also tones muscles, helps remove toxins and clears pores, making skin affected by cellulite look better.Grapefruit essential oil – the grapefruit oil contains bromelain, an anti-inflammatory enzyme that can help break down cellulite.Ginger Essential Oil - is another oil that supports weight loss, and helps reduce sugar cravings, whilst also increasing circulation. Ginger Essential Oil produces heat, hence the benefits to the blood supply.Lemon oil - is commonly used to cleanse toxins from the body, stimulate lymphatic drainage and purify the skin.Eucalyptus Oil - This oil is an exceptional cleansing essential oil that freshens the skin and helps to maintain its overall good health. Great for inflammation and hydration and to gain maximum benefits for cellulite reduction and sagginess.Known to help the blood circulate well around the body, this is what your skin needs to break down fatty deposits underneath the epidermis (these deposits are what cause that orange peel appearance). The oil also smells heavenly so it’s great for a relaxing experience.Wild Orange Oil - has huge benefits as an anti-cellulite treatment. Not only does it smell great, it’s an anti-inflammatory, an antiseptic and as a diuretic, it’s excellent for getting rid of fluid retention.Allergy Advice:We recommend customers patch test on an unaffected area close to the affected area before use (leave for 24 hours) as some people may be allergic even to the very gentle natural ingredients we use in this product.Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in this product.

Cellulite Contouring Body Oil 150ml

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