Made from 100% pure plant extracts, highest grade of essential oils, and cold-pressed botanical oils which make Night Mystic Face Serum unique and perfect for all skin types.


Rejuvenating, Hydrating, Anti-Ageing.

Night Mystic Face Serum

  • Night Mystic Face Serum a powerful - light and non- comedogenic, it hydrates and moisturises while leaving a slightly silky finish.


    It provides a natural dewy glow to the skin, is a powerful emollient rich in antioxidants, promotes elasticity, fights early aging and wrinkle formation, tightens and tones loose and sagging skin.


    While you sleep, salicylic acid gently remove dead skin cells to dramatically improve the signs of dry, dull skin and uneven skin tone. Guava Extract and Squalane is excellent anti-aging skincare ingredients due to its extraordinarily high levels of natural Niacin and Vitamins A, B, C & E.


    Its impressive amount of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents and Lineoleic Acids provides immediate as well as long-lasting hydration, leaving skin feel soft and smooth.